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Topics for General Meetings

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Topics for General Meetings

Please respond with your suggested topics.

  • Windows 10 New Features
  • CyberPower for Sept 2019 meeting.  Note: Requires a minimum of 25 pre-registered attendees.
  • Traveling with electronics

Please make your own additions.

Jack Ungerleider
Additional Topics

During the Tech Topics hour we asked for suggestions on topics for that SIG. One topic suggested then that might go along with the Windows 10 Features topic is:

  • System Tuning for Windows 10 - Tools that are worthwhile and tools to avoid

In addition we discussed the idea of providing a working evening where people could bring in computers that might be in need of a new operating system and get them setup with one of the Linux variants that is designed for people moving from Windows to Linux.

Check out the Tech Topics SIG for other suggested ideas from the 6/11 meeting and to and your own ideas for SIG topics.