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Tech Topics - the new SIG hour

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Jack Ungerleider
Tech Topics - the new SIG hour

As happens often for a group like ours the time has come to revamp the SIG hour before the general meeting. Starting with the March 10, 2015 meeting the SIG hour will move from alternating Web/Internet and Picture Perfect SIG sessions to a new SIG we are calling Tech Topics. This SIG will explore various topics in the areas of:

  • Living in the Online World - This is basically what we discussed in the old Web/Internet SIG. It will include how to create an online presence, the occasional review of SPAM trends, etc.
  • Going Mobile: Apps and Devices - Most of us have one or more devices that allow us to take our computing on the road. This topic will look at the various devices out there and the apps that power them.
  • Playing with Programming - Over my years with TCPC I have occasionally returned to this topic. As part of the SIG it will allow us to explore tools and toys for playing with programming.
  • DIY - The resurgence of hobby electronics, the new availability of 3D-Printers and the general areas of the "Maker" movement will be the fodder for this topic. We will explore everything from 3D Printing products and techniques to the Raspberry Pi and its growing competition, turning "vintage" tech in to modern tech. 

The goal is to do a simple rotation of topics but there will be times when the news of the day will pull us in one direction or another. Watch the Tech Topics SIG forum for information on specific meeting topics. Use the forum for suggestions and other feedback about the SIG. 

See you at 6:00PM on the second Tuesday of the Month!