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May 2015 - Cellular Automata and Fractals on Android

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Jack Ungerleider
May 2015 - Cellular Automata and Fractals on Android

Five years ago I wrote a series of articles for the Viking under the title Playing with Programming. Those articles ended with a pair on the program CA-Ref that allowed the user to explore the world of the cellular automaton or CA. CAs are examples of discrete mathematical systems. The most famous of these is Conway's Game of Life. Join us at the May Tech Topics SIG as we revisit this topic using an interesting app for Android called Instinct. In addition we will look a couple of other apps for generating fractals on your mobile device.

Jack Ungerleider
Links from May Tech Topics

As promised during the SIG session here are links about some of the software demonstrated and mentioned.

Android Apps (all links for the Play Store)
Instinct: Cellular Automata program with Conway's Life and Wireworld
CAboratorium: 1D and 2D cellular automata program

Fractoid: Mandelbrot and Julia set viewer
Fracview: Fractal viewer that allows customizing the formula
Fractal Biomorph: Program that allows you to explore the Pickover Biomorph fractals. (Here is another page that talks about Biomorphs.)

PC Programs:
Mirek's Cellebration: Windows program. 1D and 2D Cellular automata. Run as administrator with Windows XP SP3 emulation mode.
CAFun: Java program that has many examples (including Wireworld). Runs in Windows and Linux (and probably Mac.)