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July 2016 Follow up - 3D Make and Print

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Jack Ungerleider
July 2016 Follow up - 3D Make and Print

As promised a quick follow up on the 3D Make & Print magazine I had at Tuesday's meeting. In checking the Imagine Publishing web site I found that this issue is what the company calls a Bookazine. It is designed as a reference on the given topic and is related to one Imagine Publishing's regular circulation titles. In this case the regular title is Imagine's 3D Artist magazine. This version of the title is the 3rd Edition of the Bookazine. While the central image on the cover has changed and some of the other images have been modified slightly the text on the cover is the same for all 3 editions. 

If you are involved in 3D printing are thinking of getting involve this title is a good resource. The articles range from introductions to printers and online resources, to full project articles that will help you make objects like a case for an iPhone 6. The price is a little high at $19.99, but that is a very common price for this type of publication.