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August Follow up - Some more on 3D printers

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Jack Ungerleider
August Follow up - Some more on 3D printers

I mentioned at the end of the August Tech Topics SIG and during the main meeting that I had purchased a new 3D printer from Amazon. I also mentioned a low priced kit that from the video on YouTube appears to come with sections pre-assembled. The links below will take you to the Amazon pages for the printer I purchased and the CoLiDo kit. I've also included links to a couple of YouTube videos related to these printers.

The printer I purchased is the Anycubic High Accuracy Prusa I3. This video shows the Anycubic Prusa I3 printing as part of demonstration of its ability to resume printing after the power has been lost or turned off.

The partially assembled kit is the CoLiDo DIY Printer. The unboxing and assembly video for this printer is here. A comparison of the CoLiDo DIY to an Ultimaker 2 is here.

I will put together a series of posts as I construct the I3 with photos of the process.