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New Meeting Format

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Jack Ungerleider
New Meeting Format

One of the big things to hit the Linux world and computing in general in the last year or so was the Raspberry Pi and similar small format computers. One the goals of the Raspberry Pi is to provide a learning platform for computer science. The two main languages available for the Raspberry Pi are Python and Scratch. Starting in January the Linux/Open Source on Saturday SIG will devote a portion of each meeting to learning how to use these two languages. Each month a particular topic will be addressed both in Python and in Scratch. We'll start the meeting as always at 9:00 AM. We will get into the programming portion at around 9:30 and take 30-45 minutes on the lesson of the month. After that we will open the floor to the usual Linux discussions for 45-60 minutes and break as usual at 11:00. My hope is that anyone with an interest in programming will join us for that portion of the meeting. The two languages we are using are available on all major platforms. You don't have to use Linux or a Raspberry Pi to play with programming using Python and/or Scratch.

Join us on January 4, 2014 for a "Hello World" session where we'll talk about getting setup and writing your first Python and Scratch programs.